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Hands down the best pokemon teambuilder out there. It's detailed and really accurate. And it looks really nice, even the sprites are animated.
What's better than two players playing pong? Four players playing pong! There's also a timer that goes to extreme mode if the game still isn't over.
In this game, Elie hides among a sea of other faces. Can you find him through 50 levels? Based on the puzzle books "Where's Waldo".
A TI-89 calculator, past paper hub, and formula and unit converter all-in-one.
Generates random players and ranks them based on their Glicko-1 rating. It was for my IB Mathematics HL internal assessment.
It's a simple ridesharing Android app that I made with my friends in my ECSE 321 class. Unfortunately, it is not on the app store.
It's an admin webpage for the ridesharing app I had to make for my ECSE 321 class. You can see all the passenger, driver, and route details. And it even has dark mode! For security reasons, I cannot give you the admin usernames or passwords :(